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Staklo formed as a parallel band to Research Defense Squad.  While RDS focused on industrial and alternative pop, Staklo created complex versions of ambient sound.  The moods and styling of the pieces/performances would vary from hard edged to lush to eerily romantic.  The early tracks were essentially recorded live to stereo mix on cassette.  Later, as computer-based multi-track recording became affordable for the working poor musician, these tools helped Staklo further refine its sound.

As it stands, the music the band currently performs is well up to the standard of music heard in slasher films and outer space documentaries on the various science oriented cable channels.  Nova take note, Staklo is available. John Carpenter, please take a listen some time.  George Lucas, drop the predictable John Williams and use Staklo the next time.  Porn producers:  we work fast and cheap.

Staklo counts among its influenzas artists such as Eno (of course, but we don't worship him...anymore), Richard Wagner, those other two German guys, what's their name, Cluster, Georges Bizet, Morton Subotnick, Steve Reich, Claude Debussy (the President calls him "Claude boy"), Wendy Carlos, Edgard Varese, Country Joe and the Fish, countless albums of wildlife sounds, recordings of the music of pacific cultures, music of the Krell, and Soviet France.  The band's inner demons fueled by alcohol and more pushed the creation of three CD's and a limited edition CD single. 

In the second, or third, incarnation of the band, the two Staklo brothers, Boris and Baha, were joined by their wayward brother, Basil.  Basil was doing small clubs in Eastern Europe when he got the call to show up and a show in Chicago.  Show up he did.

Click here for a short history of the Staklo Brothers and the foundation that bears their name.


The following tracks were used on Confession, which was the third CD recorded by Staklo.  All original 11 tracks are here. The 12th track is an outtake which does not appear on the CD.

1. Confession 6 min 1 sec, 5.51 megabytes MP3

2. Probe 5 min 34 sec, 5.10 megabytes MP3

3. Treeter 5 min 4 sec, 4.64 megabytes MP3

4. Herds Of Lions 6 min 24 sec, 5.86 megabytes MP3

5. Regression 6 min 8 sec, 5.61 megabytes MP3

6. Jafferiot 8 min 36 sec, 7.87 megabytes MP3

7. Nairobi 3 min 52 sec, 3.55 megabytes MP3

8. Blue Island 3 min 10 sec, 2.91 megabytes MP3

9. Hordes Of Light 6 min 46 sec, 6.19 megabytes MP3

10. Railroad 5 min 15 sec, 4.81 megabytes MP3

11. The Will 3 min 58 sec, 3.63 megabytes MP3

12. Outtake 4 min 44 sec, 4.33 megabytes MP3

Original CD compilation © 2001 by the Staklo Foundation.  These MP3 files © 2004 by the Staklo Foundation.

The next three tracks are taken from the first Staklo CD, Dotting The Night Sky. All of these were recorded between 1990 and 1993 in stereo directly to cassette. The tracks that appear here were remastered in 2013.

Care, 6 min 52 sec, 15.7 megabytes MP3

Breath, 2 min 01 sec., 4.64 megabytes MP3

911, 11 min 01 sec, 25.2 megabytes MP3

Original CD compilation © 1997 by the Staklo Foundation.  These MP3 files © 2013 by the Staklo Foundation.